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AmQuip and its employees take safety serious. It is our belief that safe execution of our daily assignments is the most productive and profitable way of doing business. Here at AmQuip, we realize that in today’s business environment, our customers have enough things to worry about, like tight schedules, tighter profit margins, struggling economy, just to name a few. AmQuip’s safety culture begins at the top. In order for our employees to buy into our safety program and philosophies, they MUST see the management team out in front leading the safety effort. Safety has to be more than a priority…It has to be a core value.

The foundation for AmQuip’s safety program centers on the following:

  • Supervisor training in Accident Reduction Techniques, (S.T.A.R.T.)

  • “Zero Accident Techniques” are trained to every employee and implemented and pledged by our workforce

  • Defensive driver training for company vehicle operators

  • AmQuip Crane Accident Prevention Program (AmC.A.P.P.)

  • All Organization Quarterly Safety Meetings and monthly formalized training sessions on equipment and policy

We, at AmQuip, believe that the only way to breakthrough safety performance is through the utilization of our most valuable assets… our employees. After all, it’s our employees who drive, repair, clean, transport and operate our equipment daily. They should be the persons directly in charge of our program.