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Lift Analysis

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Lift Services

At AmQuip, we are dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions to their lifting needs.  Our support services include, crane hazard analysis development and implementation, assembly/disassembly plans/drawings compliant with OSHA 1926.1400.  Lift planning and design software that is CAD based and capable of incorporating your existing drawings.  Complete project site analysis, job layouts, crane selection and asset management programs complete with budget development and analysis of all lift assets on the project.  We are your one stop shop for crane management and solutions.


Jobsite and Lift Analysis

We have dedicated personnel working with our crane specialists to develop comprehensive lift plans that are crane specific to make/model of the crane asset per project.  Per the latest OSHA standard with regard to Cranes and Derricks used in construction, we work closely with your respective controlling entities to ensure that crane pads, foot prints, and any supporting materials meet the requirements for given site conditions on each project.  Further, our crane specialists help our customers with crane selection and minimization on each project to ensure the correct asset(s) are employed to meet their budgetary needs.

Our crane specialists have the latest technology necessary to accurately plan your crane needs and provide it during the bid stage of your work.

This allows our customers to price their services as competitively as possible, something important today given the shrinking profit margins.


Crane Safety Management

Today more than ever, our customers need to have resources that give them advantage over their competition.  Couple the above mentioned services with our personnel working every day in the industry enables our customers to safely execute their lifting needs in the construction process.  We further provide our customers with safety professionals, planning tools, and management of key safety assets of each project, to further solidify their profitability. We have spent many years, partnered in services and profits with our customers and to add to their knowledge, we conduct 2, 4, 8 hours courses on the management of the crane asset on a construction project with them.  This allows for both teams to approach the most complex work tasks and cranes lifts with a myriad of planning tools to reinforce safety success.